Additional Exercises

Walks - $2.00

            Our walks are basically a short leash walk with a potty break or extra time out in a play yard to run around.

Hikes - $8.00

            You dog will take a twenty-minutes leisurely walk with one of our caretakers through the woods on a Flexi-Leash.

Group Play Time - $8.00

    Pets are grouped in appropriate playtimes with pets of similar size and play styles. Staff is carefully trained in understanding interaction and body language of pets to keep everyone happy! Great fun for all!

Personal Play Time - $8.00

Your pet will be able to do whatever he or she loves best, whether it be romping outside, playing ball, or just doing some snuggling.  Your pet will have twenty minutes of quality time with one of our caretakers.

Swimming - $8.00

   Your dog will have supervised playtime in our indoor pool for twenty minutes. We have tons of water toys for your dog to play with in the pool. Life-jackets are provided if needed.