Dog Boarding

Standard Boarding

     Our standard dog area allows your pet an indoor area which is heated and air-conditioned.  Pets have constant access to an outer patio which is a minimum of 10 feet long.  From their patio, all pets have a window view of outside and skylights.  All pets are taken outside individually three times a day into a large, fenced play yard.  Our grass play yards average 30 ft. x 45 ft. and give your pet plenty of room to romp.


The rate for Standard boarding is $26.00 per dog, per day.  We do have
“super-sized” standard kennels for large or multi-dog families.

Luxury Suites

     Luxury suites are designed to be spacious, private, and homelike environments where guests are given a lounge chair or a child-size bed (as long as these are appropriate for your pet).  Guests also have their own private grassed 24 ft. long outside play yard which they have constant access to during the day.  Each pet has a large window view outside  and there are televisions playing Animal Planet throughout the area.  All areas are lighted with night lights during the evening hours.

The rate for Luxury Suite boarding is $36.00 per dog, per day.

Inside of Luxury Suites:                                                        

          Outside of Luxury Suites:                                                                      

Private Suites

      Private suites are designed with the geriatric, special needs, or especially shy pet in mind.  These private rooms are 6 ft. by 8 ft. rooms where our guests are offered a lounge chair or a child-size bed (if appropriate for your pet).  Each private suite has two windows and is a completely private room in a separate wing of our facility to allow these guests as quiet and as little disruption as possible.  Pets from these areas are leash walked approximately five times a day.

The rate for Private Suite boarding is $46.00 per dog, per day.