Pricing List

Charges for your pet's stay begin at the time of check in and are for a full day's care. Checkout time is always by noon. Like any other resort, if you checkout past noon, you will be charged for an additional day.


All rates are per pet per day

Standard Kennels...                                           $26.00
Standard Stay N Play                                        $36.00

Luxury Suites...                                                 $36.00
Luxury Stay N Play                                           $47.00

Special Needs & Geriatric Suites...                   $46.00

Cat Rooms...                                                      $18.00

For more information on our Boarding options, click here

Exercise Prices:

Extra Walks                                                        $2.00

Hikes                                                                  $8.00

Frisbee                                                                $8.00

Personal Play Time                                             $8.00

Swimming                                                           $8.00

For more information on our Exercise options, click here.

*All major credit cards accepted, along with cash and check.